Who can apply?

For the Erasmus+ tender both full-time and part-time students of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica can apply.
The tender for the study period is open to students who at the time of leaving for mobility are enrolled in the second year of study.
The tender for traineeship is open to the students of all years of study.
The mobility can take place also after the student has defended their final or diploma thesis provided they had applied to the tender during the study period.

How to apply for mobility?

On its website, the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica publishes the tender(s) for mobility for the purpose of study period and traineeship.

Conditions for tender application:

  • citizenship of the Republic of Croatia or any other country participating in the programme, or the status of refugee or status of a stateless person/or with registered permanent residence in Croatia,
  • filled application (published with the text of tender),
  •  CV in Europass format in English,
  • motivation letter in English (up to 500 words),
  • certificate of citizenship or proof of the status of refugee or stateless person with registered residence in the Republic of Croatia,
  • invitation letter from the company if the student has organized the traineeship by themselves (the student can apply for the tender without the invitation letter which can be supplied at a later time)
  • additional documentation as necessary.

Criteria for candidate selection

The criteria for candidate selection are published in the tender. The current criteria when selecting the candidates include: formal criteria, assessment of the motivation letter, academic achievement (average grade of each completed semester and ratio of enrolled and earned ECTS credits), knowledge of a foreign language required by the host institution (optional).

By applying for the Tender the candidate agrees that their name and data related to the desired mobility are published in the Tender results.

Before mobility

  • Signing of Agreement for the award of grants,
  • Signing of the Learning agreement for studies/Internship,
  • Payment of 80% of financial support (giro account),
  • Online language test,
  • Online language course (optional),
  • Insurance (health insurance (study and practice), accident insurance and liability insurance (only practice).

After mobility

  • Delivery of the signed documentation,
  • Online language test,
  • Filling in of the final report,
  • Payment of the remaining 20% of the financial support,
  • Recognition of ECTS credits.

On-line language test

All students whose working language of mobility is English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Dutch, are obliged before leaving for mobility to write an online test for the assessment of their language competences (except if the mobility language is their mother tongue).

If the student wishes, and in order to prepare the student for the mobility activity, VVG can grant the student a free online language course in English, German, Italian, Spanish or Dutch. Online language courses will be available only to some students.

At the end of the mobility period abroad all students are required to write a second online test assessing their language competences which will serve as the basis for evaluating how much the students have improved their language skills.

The results of the language test will be available for review to the student and the main higher education institution.

Accommodation, insurance and visas