Mobility for study purposes

Mobility of students for the purpose of study stay means leaving for study in a foreign higher education institution. Mobility duration for study stay purposes is from 3 to 12 months, and it depends on the duration of the semester at the foreign institution. The study stay can be realized only at institutions with which the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica has signed the inter-institutional agreement.

The student can spend at the foreign institution one semester or the entire academic year. Before leaving to mobility the student signs the Agreement for the award of financial grants and Learning agreement for studies which includes the subjects the student will attend and pass the exams at the foreign institution and the number of ECTS credits that will be recognized upon return to the host institution. Also, the student can realize mobility for the purposes of writing the final or diploma paper.

The students pay the tuition fees at the home institution which means that they are exempt from paying tuition fees at the foreign higher education institution.

Mobilty for the purpose of traineeship

Students’ mobility for the purpose of traineeship means leaving to traineeship to a foreign higher education institution, institution or company. The duration of mobility for the purpose of traineeship is between 2 and 12 months.

The institution or company for performing traineeship is selected by the students themselves. The University of Applied Sciences can recommend to the student a VVG-cooperating institution or company. In case the students themselves find an institution or company to perform traineeship then they shall enclose with the documents for the Tender a letter of invitation received from the foreign institution. Also the student may propose an institution or company and request the Erasmus coordinator to contact them.

The student may leave to mobility for the purpose of traineeship within a year after the graduation provided they applied to the Tender during the study. The duration of traineeship of the students who had graduated recently is counted according to the maximal period of 12-month cycle during which they applied for the performance of traineeship.

Before leaving to mobility the student signs an Agreement on the award of the financial grant and a Learning agreement for traineeship which indicates the number of ECTS credits that will be recognized upon return to the home institution. The student pays the tuition fee at the home institution.


The same student can participate in the mobility periods up to a maximum of 12 months at every level of study. (e.g. the student leaves for 5 months to stay for study purposes, and 6 months for traineeship purposes. The number of outgoing months is agreed upon according to student preferences following the rules about the minimal number of months spent on mobility. The dates of leaving to both mobilities within one tender year shall not overlap. The student can apply for a certain mobility only once as part of the tender year which means that in the tender year the student can leave once to a study stay and once to traineeship, but within the same tender year the student shall not go several times to traineeship.

The student can combine studying and traineeship at the same institution.


Students with special needs

A person with special needs is a potential participant whose physical, mental or medical condition is such that their participation in the mobility project/activity would not be possible without additional financial support.