The City of Velika Gorica is situated 16 kilometres south of Zagreb and it is the centre of an area covering 552 square kilometres. Until 1990 Velika Gorica was a district, and since then it has been part of Zagreb. The status of a city, Velika Gorica got in 1995. On the territory of the once District of Velika Gorica, today there are three newly formed districts – Kravarsko, Pokupsko and Orle.

Velika Gorica is the biggest city and capital of the traditional region of Turopolje. One of the more common opinions is that the name of Turovo polje (Tur’s field), i.e. Turopolje has derived from the Slavic word “tur” indicating a longhorn bovine, and meaning the “one who fertilizes” and the “Sun God”. The bovine became extinct in the 16th century. However, Turopolje had been called until 16th century Campus Zagrebiensis, i.e. Zagreb field or only Campus (field). Only then this name was gradually changed into the name of Turovo polje (Tur’s field), i.e. Turopolje.

The village of Velika Gorica was mentioned for the first time in 1228 as the parish seat. The word Gorica means a forest of a vineyard. The archaeological sites indicate that on its territory there had been life already in the ancient times. The example of this is the Roman site Andautonia. Let us also mention the stone axe in Mraclin and burial fields with urns from the prehistoric times in the centre of Velika Gorica.

Today the city of Velika Gorica has about 35,000 citizens, and with wider surrounding more than 70,000. It is the seventh largest city in Croatia.


Relief features and climate

The area of the city of Velika Gorica is located mostly in the lowland of Turopolje, and includes also the north-eastern hilly slopes – hilly Vukomeričke Gorice.

The area of the city of Velika Gorica enters a wider climate area of moderately warm, humid, rainy forest climate. The least precipitation falls in winter, while the pronounced precipitation maximum is in the late spring and the beginning of summer. The mean temperature of the warmest month (July) does not exceed 22°C, and the mean temperature during at least four months in the colder part is above 10°C.

Text taken from the website of the Tourist Board of Velika Gorica