„It was a pleasure to attend the first Optometry Summer Academy in Zadar. It was a nice new experience which for sure will help me in my personal and professional development just because we had the opportunity to learn from top lecturers from all over the world.“

„In the Optometry Summer Academy there was a wide range of subject included. I feel the lectures and the practical workshops will benefit me in my everyday work. Well done and thank you for organizing it.“

„I was impressed how everything were. They exceeded my expectation. It was really nice these 10 days, so if they will have any lecture like these Summer Academy, I would love to attend them. Very nice and kind school mates and teachers. You learn a lot and it is not like usually school.“

„Optometry Summer Academy was great experience. Teachers were excellent and organizing team was amazing. Thank you very much for this opportunity and hope there will be other such a helpful projects in future.“

„I’m a lucky girl. I could spend 10 fantastic days at Optometry Summer Academy in Zadar. I will recommend this academy to my colleagues. I learnt a lot of new things. I hope that I can use this useful information in my practice. Thanks a lot. I am looking for the next Optometry Summer Academy.“

For further details please contact: ossc@vvg.hr

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