Mgr. Pavel Beneš, Ph.D.

is registered optometrist specialising in contact lenses, refractive errors correction, corrective aids completion, optometry and professional lecturer for pre- and post-graduated education of opticians, optometrists and doctoral studies.

His professional interest is in teaching in field of Optics and Optometry, works in the private optic shop, provide external consulting services for producers in Vision Care divisions, is optometrist in team at the Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry in Saint Anne´s University Hospital, and since 2016 is the Head of Department of Optometry and Orthoptics at Medical Faculty, Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Is holder of the Decree of Appointment – the member of examination committee for the qualification of medical staff and other professionals who have obtained professional or specialized competence in the field of health care in countries outside the EU.

He is also the Council member Bureau of the Czech Contactology Association, member of different proffesional associations (SCOO, EAOO). He regularly lectures at professional conferences and forums not only in the Czech Republic. Actively participates in international events, always with the presentation of  own work results.

He is author and co-autor of educational textbooks, i.e. Optical Practice (2010), Ophthalmological Devices (2015), Basics of refracitve errors correction methods (2016), Ophthalmology for Special educators (2017) and more than two hundred articles in professional publications. Further, he also always reacts on current issues and news in the popular, fashionable and trendy magazines and other media.


Topics that will be lectured:

  • Veselý P., Beneš P.: Color Vision Defects and their Correction with Chromagen Lenses
  • Beneš P., Veselý P.: Binoptometer – Screening and Examination of Basic Eye Visual Functions
  • Beneš P., Veselý P.: Anterior eye cases in optometric practice