Today’s fast advancement of the technologies used in the areas of technical professions fails to be satisfied any more with the inert schooling system but requires a flexible system which can be adapted to the needs and demands on the market. In order to be able to implement precisely such system of education at VVG, the enrolment quotas have been introduced with a maximum number of 30 students per group which is in accordance with the Bologna process, and which allows the student interactive work with the lecturers, i.e. it guarantees the quality of classes and places the student in the centre of the educational process.

Misija / Mission

As a higher education institution we perform expert and specialist graduate expert study programmes and we adapt to the needs of today’s market, taking into account that during their studies the students obtain the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge that will provide them with better employment prospects on the labour market. Our goal is for the knowledge that the students acquire during their studies to be suitable for the latest knowledge and technologies of today’s world of science and profession.

Adequate number of students per individual study programmes and placing the students into the centre of the educational system, introduction of flexible study programmes and their adaptation to actual needs in the economy, as well as a host of other new features, this is the essence and guiding principle according to which the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica has been developing its curricula.

Vizija / Vision

The vision of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica is to be a distinguished and technologically modern educational institution with unique study programmes in the area of South-eastern Europe. To develop its own educational personnel who will provide students with highly professional specific education and life-long improvement. To integrate with the economy as an element of the education and to be a flexible educational institution prepared for constant adaptation to the needs in the economy and to help in its development.

Strategija / Strategy

In its almost twelve years of existence the University of Applied Sciences has established all the preconditions for its work and has oriented itself towards continuous improvement of the teaching process at all levels and establishment of new curricula. As a young institution, up to the realizing of the desired development level, there is an entire series of necessary activities and internal continuous improvements which determines also its development strategy. The development of the current curricula and the creation of new curricula with the aim of expanding onto new markets, refers to the expansion as an option of the development strategy.

Aware of certain demands on the market, the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica has established specialist study programmes in the most wanted professions of the organized study programmes thus allowing the current students to continue their education at a one-year or two-year specialist study programme. Apart from the VVG students the specialist study programme is open for enrolment to students of other higher education institutions as well. This additionally increases the possibility of expanding on the market towards the students who attend some other higher education institution.