ECTS credits: 5
Lectures: 2
Exercises: 1

Course objective:

Acquiring knowledge in quality, methods, tehniques, procedures, and tools in the system of quality control and assurance in logistics and military logistics

Course contents:

1. Concept and definition of quality and quality management. History of quality, external and internal control of quality. 2. Economy of quality. Evaluation and assessment of quality in an organization. The importance of quality in contemporary business conditions. Quality in the function of development of Croatian economy. 3. Standardization and its levels: international, regional, national. 4. Quality management systems. Development of standards specific to quality management systems. Principles of quality management. 5. Environmental management systems. Systems for protecting health and safety at work. Food safety management systems. Information security management systems. 6. Integrated management systems. 7. Total quality management (TQM). 8. Audit of management system. 9. Quality measurements and techniques for quality measurement. 10. Technical legislation as a regulated system for standardization, accreditation, certification and measurement. New approach and global approach and the harmonization of Croatian and EU legislation. 11. Conformity assessment of products, processes and services with technical regulations and standards in order to allow the free movement of goods and services, compliance labeling (C & CE labels), the statement of suppliers and market surveillance. National standard, legal and technical measurements. State Bureau of Metrology. Metrological Institute. 12. Accreditation. Accredited bodies. Rules of accreditation in accordance with European standards, series 45000 and the international standards of the series 17000 adopted as Croatian standards. Croatian Accreditation Agency. 13. Examination. Certification. Inspection. 14. Quality management in a logistics system. 15. Quality management in military logistics. NATO quality system. Standardization in Ministry of Defense and Croatian Armed Forces.


General: Knowledge and skills necessary for continuous quality improvement. Knowledge of principles and methods for establishing and maintenance of management system. Knowledge of methods, techniques, procedures and tools in the quality control system for products and services. Individual evaluation of management system Specific:Application of international standards in logistics and military logistics.

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, the student will be able to: 1. independently use the literature and information sources from the field of management systems and perform activities in the continuous improvement of product and service quality by implementing the principles of establishing and maintaining a management system 2. apply methods, techniques, procedures and tools in the system of quality control for products and services 3. evaluate management systems, interpret analysis results and determine inconsistencies 4. apply international standards in logistics and military logistics 5. select appropriate tools, methods and techniques, and organise and develop a quality management system. The aforementioned learning outcomes contribute to the learning outcomes of the study programme: - Apply teamwork skills in the development of logistics projects. - Lead the quality management process in the logistics system. - Recognize the need for lifelong learning in the development of logistics.