ECTS credits: 6
Lectures: 2
Exercises: 1

Course objective:

Obtaining knowledge from the technology and organizing technical resource maintenance.

Course contents:

Theoretical background for maintaining technical resources. Characteristics of complex technical resources. Technical material resources: concept, importance, types and kinds. Conditions for exploitation. Safety at work measures and environmental protection during maintenance. Maintenance system. Maintenance policies. Types and models of maintenance. Maintenance principles, methods and procedures. Processes in complex technical resources during exploitation. Determining technical condition. Technical diagnostics. Securing spare and replacement parts, assemblies and devices. Maintenance of complex technical resources in regular and special, difficult usage conditions. Managing maintenance system.


General: ability to manage maintenance processes. Specific: planning and organization of technical resource maintenance processes.

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, the student will be able to: 1. Recognize the characteristics and importance of exploitation conditions on complex technical resources. 2. Improve the concept, organization and technology within the system of exploitation of a typical technical resource. 3. Evaluate existing system and real maintenance processes. 4. Recognize working and accompanying processes during the use of a complex technical resource and their impact on the technical condition. 5. Apply modern methods for determining technical condition of typical technical resources. 6. Apply appropriate organizational and technological maintenance procedures in the maintenance system for which they are responsible. 7. Assist in building of an information system in order to monitor the history of exploitation, with the aim of creating database about maintenance 8. Present the maintenance system in the logistics system The aforementioned learning outcomes contribute to the learning outcomes of the study programme: - Explain the properties and functions of a logistics system. - Analyse relevant management indicators in the logistics system. - Demonstrate professional and ethical responsibility in providing logistical support. - Lead the quality management process in the logistics system.