ECTS credits: 5
Lectures: 1
Exercises: 0

Course objective:

Gaining independence in the drafting of professional papers and their presentation. Preparation for the drafting of diploma thesis.

Course contents:

Topics of seminars can be defined from the overall program content of this study. It would be preferable that they serve as a preparation for diploma thesis, and that the diploma thesis elaborates on this seminar paper.


Independence in the drafting of professional papers and their presentation to others.

Learning outcomes:

After passing this examination, the student will be able to: 1. Write a professional paper consisting of all crucial parts necessary to describe and solve specific tasks and projects. 2. Present results to a broader audience with the help of appropriate equipment. 3. Prepare a presentation where it is possible to present problem description and the conclusions in a given time frame. 4. Compile the structure of the written part of a professional paper so that it covers the description of the problem, solution and conclusion. 5. Conclude a professional paper with a description of advantages and disadvantages of the solution. These outcomes contribute to the learning outcomes of the study program: - Develop software applications by using contemporary structural, procedural and object programming languages (6). - Present one's own or team work (11). - Use professional literature and search accessible information bases and knowledge bases (12).