ECTS credits: 5
Lectures: 2
Exercises: 2

Course objective:

Student shall learn about the ways to create databases in the Internet environment, as well as developing web applications for accessing databases.

Course contents:

Internet infrastructure. Server setup. Objects for data presentation. Design of web form for communicating with databases. Ways of communication between web client and web server (POST, GET). Verification of data validity. Management of Internet application condition. Application and data safety. Web service basics. Presentation of technologies and protocols in developing web service. Design, development and publishing web service. Application development with the use of existing web services.


Student shall obtain knowledge and skills needed for creating databases in the Internet environment, as well as knowledge and skills for designing web service for communicating with a database.

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, the student will be able to: 1. Develop a web application accessing the database in an Internet environment. 2. Integrate web services into a web application for accessing database. 3. Design a database model appropriate for use in an Internet environment. 4. Write a web service for the communication of web application with other systems. 5. Self-evaluate security risks in the use of web application and data. 6. Harmonize activities in the work of a multidisciplinary team. The mentioned learning outcomes contribute to the learning outcomes of the study programme: Present engineering methods and principles in the design of information systems and program support (1). Explain the operating principles of information systems (2). Propose solutions to engineering problems in the profession (4). Plan the development of information systems with regard to user needs (7).