ECTS credits: 16
Lectures: 0
Exercises: 0

Course objective:

The diploma thesis serves to prove the student's acquired professional knowledge and independency in work.

Course contents:

1. Lecture about the method of writing the diploma thesis. 2. Preparation for the work on the diploma thesis. 3. Work on the diploma thesis.

Learning outcomes:

1. Define a professional problem. 2. Devise and carry out the research independently. 3. Solve a practical problem / task independently. 4. Apply the knowledge and general competences acquired during the study. 5. Apply the knowledge and specific competences of the respective subject. 6. Apply the methodology of writing a professional and scientific paper. 7. Make a presentation of the results ofthe carried out research by using multimedia tools. 8. Use presentation skills to interpret the research results. The aforementioned learning outcomes contribute to the learning outcomes of the study programme: - Use the English language in studying scientific and professional literature and professional communication. - Present their own ideas, attitudes, solutions and projects. - Apply acquired knowledge in further professional work and academic education, with appropriate moral and ethical attitude.