ECTS credits: 6
Lectures: 2
Exercises: 1

Course objective:

Acquisition of knowledge needed to understand and realize the system of crisis management in the EU in order to establish effective cooperation with local crisis management system.

Course contents:

Concept of crisis (catastrophe) in the EU: conceptual and methodological aspects. Identification of crises according to the UN and the European security strategy. Crisis management in the European Union. EU institutions with an emphasis on those dealing with crises. EU instruments of disaster management. Cross-border disasters. Models of cooperation in addressing cross-border disasters. International instruments for civil crisis management. International rationalization of crisis management.


Students will be trained to understand the process of crisis and disaster management on the EU level and national involvement and international cooperation. They will understand the problems and the necessity for cooperation in managing cross-border crises.

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, the student will be able to: a) Understand the process of cooperation in crisis and disaster management in the EU. b) Understand and apply the mechanisms of national involvement. c) Understand the problems in the case of cross-border crises and apply cooperation models.