Head of the study: Prof. Dinko Mikulić, Ph.D.

Professional title upon graduation: professional baccalaureus/baccalaurea engineer of motor vehicle maintenance

Abbreviation: bacc. ing. mech.

Type of study: full-time and part-time study

Number of places: 35 full-time and 35 part-time

The study is intended to educate experts on the organization and implementation of motor vehicle maintenance technology. By completing the studies, bachelors acquire the necessary competences for the labor market, but also the possibility of further education.

Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the area of technical sciences, field of mechanical engineering. The level of professional competence and skills in Motor Vehicle Maintenance is based on the knowledge of motor vehicle construction, service management, application of maintenance technology and other issues related to vehicle maintenance.

In accordance with professional standards and the standards set by the Croatian Qualifications Framework, students who graduate will be granted the title of professional baccalaureus/baccalaurea engineer of motor vehicle maintenance, or bacc. ing. mech.


LO label Learning outcomes description
OMV1 Describe the features and function of motor vehicle maintenance
OMV2 Explain the physical parameters of motor vehicle construction
OMV3 Analyse the properties and performance of motor vehicles
OMV4 Explain the working principles for the assemblies and devices in motor vehicles
OMV5 Apply the technological processes of motor vehicle maintenance
OMV6 Implement the quality system in motor vehicle maintenance
OMV7 Use computer technology in the resolution of motor vehicle issues
OMV8 Present vehicle status analysis
OMV9 Plan the process of managing the motor vehicle maintenance system
OMV10 Analyse the causes and effects of vehicle malfunctions
OMV11 Use teamwork skills in motor vehicle servicing
OMV12 Explain the impact of harmful motor vehicle emissions on people, the environment and protective measures
OMV13 Recognize the need for lifelong learning and using broader literature in motor vehicle maintenance
OMV14 Use the English language in the reading of professional literature and professional communication
OMV15 Demonstrate professional and ethical responsibility in vehicle maintenance


Student competencies

Upon graduation the students will have acquired the knowledge and skills required for working in motor vehicle maintenance:

  • motor vehicle maintenance planning;
  • organization of motor vehicle maintenance;
  • implementation of motor vehicle maintenance technology;
  • quality management in motor vehicle maintenance;
  • implementation of technical protection measures in the process of maintenance of motor vehicles;
  • solving other issues related to motor vehicle maintenance.

Curriculum of the study programme Motor Vehicle Maintenance

Obligatory courses:

Elective courses: