ECTS credits: 3
Lectures: 2
Exercises: 0

Course objective:

Acquisition of basic knowledge of general theory of systems and theory of security; enabling students to apply systematic approach to the understanding of security in crisis management studies.

Course contents:

Introduction to the theory of systems. Systematic approach. Definition. Structure and characteristics of the system. Types of systems, open and closed. System balance. Objectives, environment, means, activities and system management. The concept of entropy. Feedback. Modelling and simulations. Definitions of safety and security. Threats. Vulnerability. Resilience, robustness, crisis. Defense. Protection (state, personal). Security system. Security system management.


Students will acquire knowledge necessary to define the theory of systems and the application of systematic approach in examining the security systems with focus on crisis management.

Learning outcomes:

After passing the exam, the student will be able to: 1. Apply the theory of systems and systematic approach to the theory of security in order to better understand the complexity of security systems. 2. Discern the security system and its components. 3. Explain the concepts of risk and safety, as well as hazards, vulnerability, resilience and robustness, defense and protection and their interdependence. 4. Analyze the security system and its environment on a national, corporate and personal level. 5. Analyze security threats and appropriate protection measures. The aforementioned learning outcomes contribute to the learning outcomes of the study programme: - Explain the national security system and the basic principles of civil protection - Apply the security system objectives, as well as approaches and procedures related to security issues - Define the fundamental purpose of crisis management, as well as appropriate crisis management methods and procedures - Apply risk assessment methodology along with keeping required records - Manage activities of a multidisciplinary team in crises using acquired communication skills - Analyse different assumptions, approaches, results and procedures in security issues