ECTS credits: 3
Lectures: 2
Exercises: 0

Course objective:

Acquiring knowledge of quality, methods, techniques, procedures and tools used in a quality control and assurance system.

Course contents:

Quality system: definitions of quality and a quality system, aspects of quality and its historical development, quality control, quality assurance, quality management and monitoring. Principles, methods, techniques and tools used for establishing a quality system, process approach. Integrated management systems. Most influential factors in the quality system: staff, equipment, technology. Destructive and non-destructive tests and methods of detecting faults in the function of motor vehicle quality control. Basic requirements, directives/guidelines, compliance with basic requirements, compliance assessment system: authorising, verifying (accreditation, certification). Standardisation: the standardisation act, standardisation system, promulgation and application of norms. Norms relevant to motor vehicle maintenance, norms (regulations) relevant to aircraft maintenance. Education in quality, knowledge, time and change management.


Knowledge of the principles and methods used for establishing and maintaining a quality system. Knowledge of fundamental norms and standardisation systems. Ability to participate in the quality system, familiarising with the necessary documentation. Knowledge of institutions and quality system function at the international plan, within the European Union and the Republic of Croatia.

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, the student will be able to: 1. Select and apply methods for the management of a quality system. 2. Demonstrate management methods, techniques and tools, and select the required means of quality control. 3. Check, examine and identify control points in the management system, aiming to establish non-compliance and possible permanent improvement 4. Plan and organise the implementation of a quality assurance and control system. 5. Collect necessary information at the national and international levels, and apply it to the procedures of managing quality assurance and control in an organisation. These learning outcomes contribute to the following outcomes of the study programme of motor vehicle maintenance: - Implement the quality system in motor vehicle maintenance. - Plan the process of managing the motor vehicle maintenance system. - Explain the impact of harmful motor vehicle emissions on people, the environment and protective measures.