ECTS credits: 4
Lectures: 2
Exercises: 1

Course objective:

To train students for individual installation, configuration and maintenance of web servers, familiarization with website architecture and organization, review of the FTP service, World Wide Web service, as well as typical problem solving.

Course contents:

Internet infrastructure. Adjusting a web server. Data display web controls. HTML server control. Control of data correctness. Managing the PHP application status. Web service security. Web services. Using web services. Designing web services.


- Competence for web service installation - Web service maintenance - Web server maintenance

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, students will be able to: 1. Develop a web application. 2. Apply data retrieval and modification methods in a web application. 3. Demonstrate methods for web application improvement. 4. Describe XML technology and its application. 5. Recognize the need for lifelong learning by acquiring new technologies. 6. Adjust activities in the work of a multidisciplinary team. These outcomes contribute to the learning outcomes of the study program: - Propose solutions in the field of computing with analysis and evaluation of the solutions. - Use contemporary software tools and communication skills in a business environment. - Actively use programming languages for the design, analysis and adjustment of program support. - Develop a project individually or in a team, with respect to to user requirements and needs, in accordance with the adopted standards, technologies and methodologies for implementation and presentation. - Present views, solutions and projects by using communication skills.