ECTS credits: 2
Lectures: 1
Exercises: 1

Course objective:

Acquiring professional terminology and ameliorating business communication in the English language, which requires knowing the lexis and grammar of the language. Developing language skills in professional context, i.e. reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Course contents:

Grammar and language: collocations, compounds: word formation using prefixes and suffixes, professional correspondence and CV, trend descriptions, phrasemes. Professional topics: nanotechnology, computing careers, electronic waste, databases, VoIP, privacy in the digital era, cloud computing, green networking, cyber crime.


Knowledge of technical terminology and skills of smooth and precise exchange of information within contexts related to various aspects of computing. Skills of using professional and technical handbooks, efficient use of general and various technical dictionaries. Skills of oral presentation of topics and developing communicative skills.

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, students will be able to: 1. Adequately use grammatical structures, compound nouns, articles 2. Use professional vocabulary, idioms, and phrases 3. Form new words by using prefixes and suffixes 4. Participate in the discussion on topics in the field of computer systems maintenance. 5. Write an essay, a business letter, a CV and an email in English. 6. Design and present an oral presentation with the help of audio-visual resources. The aforementioned learning outcomes contribute to the following study program learning outcomes: - Actively use the English language in speech and writing in the field of information technology and computing.