ECTS credits: 4
Lectures: 2
Exercises: 1

Course objective:

Gaining basic knowledge and practical skills of technical drawing and the completion of technical documentation.

Course contents:

The definition of projecting and projection types. Lines, technical script, formats, scales. Spatial presentation. Sketching in orthogonal projection. Drawing of dimension lines. Quality labels on a drawing. Tolerances and tangency points on production and assembly drawings. Computer use in the completion of technical documentation. Computer graphics 2D CAD (AutoCAD 2009).


Knowledge of projection types and rules. Individual preparation and use of construction documents. Competence for computer use in the preparation of technical documents.

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, the student will be able to: 1. Analyse projections of basic geometric elements. 2. Sketch 2D and 3D projections of bodies; 3. Define the purpose and content of the sketch, production and assembly drawings; 4. Draw production and assembly drawings using the CAD program; 5. Define the form, dimensions and all other construction and technological parameters of a part and assembly according to the production or assembly drawing. These learning outcomes contribute to the following outcomes of the study programme of aircraft maintenance: -Complete operating manuals based on the analysis of aviation regulations relating to aircraft maintenance, airworthiness and operating requirements. -Outline the structure of an airline company and an organisation dealing with the maintenance of aircraft, its engines and other parts. -Distinguish single parts of an aircraft in relation to the physical laws of flying and functioning of aircraft systems. -Use English with aviation vocabulary at the level sufficient to understand the aircraft technical documentation and to apply procedures written in English. These learning outcomes contribute to the following outcomes of the study programme of motor vehicle maintenance: - Apply the technological processes of motor vehicle maintenance. - Implement the quality system in motor vehicle maintenance. - Demonstrate professional and ethical responsibility in vehicle maintenance.