ECTS credits: 3
Lectures: 1
Exercises: 2

Course objective:

Improvement of professional terminology, fast and precise exchange of information in the context related to different aspects of aircraft maintenance, use of professional and technical manuals and dictionaries.

Course contents:

Revision of verb tenses and forms. Modals. Technical terminology: aircraft systems (oil, cooling, hydraulic, cabin devices for air compression and air conditioners), wing, landing gear. Maintenance and inspection plans.


Knowledge of technical terminology and the skills for fast and precise exchange of information in the context related to various aspects of aviation. Skills of using professional and technical manuals, successful use of general and technical dictionaries. Skills of topic presentation and communication skills.

Learning outcomes:

After passing the exam, the student will be able to: 1) Analyze the problems addressed in course units. 2) Connect newly-acquired knowledge with previous knowledge. 3) Devise and put together a presentation of a technical topic of his own choice. 4) Appropriately present professional contents. 5) Maintain a professional discussion. 6) Discuss and exchange opinions. 7) Suggest potential solutions to problems related to the topics covered in the field of aircraft maintenance. 8) Apply grammar rules and technical terminology in oral and written communication. 9) Write a seminar paper, business letter, a CV or an e-mail in English. 10) Translate a technical text. 11) Solve concrete problems from acquired grammar areas. 12) Develop communication competences through group work