ECTS credits: 6
Lectures: 3
Exercises: 2

Course objective:

Gaining knowledge of maintenance scheduling, keeping records on maintenance and the implementation of particular maintenance procedures.

Course contents:

Introduction. Aircraft maintenance tasks and classification: maintenance of aircraft systems, maintenance of aircraft hang glider, workshop maintenance. Occupational safety measures. Maintenance resources. Internal structure of airline companies and maintenance organisations. Quality system, technical documents, facilities and working area, tools and equipment, maintenance staff. Maintenance technology. Aircraft maintenance programme. Process of ordinary aircraft maintenance. Process of extraordinary aircraft maintenance. Process of maintaining aircraft components. Maintenance of aircraft engines. Aircraft modifications. Aircraft structure repairs. Planning and preparation of works, conducting works on the aircraft, and their certification.


Knowledge of basic terms in the field of aircraft maintenance. Knowledge and of occupational safety measures and their application. Knowledge and use of aircraft technical documents. Drafting maintenance schedules. Planning of works. Knowledge of the processes and procedures used in aircraft maintenance.

Learning outcomes:

Having passed the exam, the student will be able to: 1. Organise the implementation of occupational safety measures. 2. Prepare working documentation - maintenance work orders. 3. Plan maintenance works. 4. Distinguish legal responsibilities related to aircraft maintenance. 5. Recognise situations in aircraft maintenance that are critical from the position of the human factor. These learning outcomes contribute to the following outcomes of the study programme: - Complete operating manuals based on the analysis of aviation regulations relating to aircraft maintenance, airworthiness and operating requirements - Outline the structure of an airline company and an organisation dealing with the maintenance of aircraft, its engines or other parts. - Distinguish aircraft maintenance according to MSG-2 and MSG-3 concepts. - Apply standard maintenance procedures prescribed in the aircraft maintenance programmes. - Calculate the necessary minimum of spare parts and materials in the warehouse for aircraft maintenance. - Distinguish responsibilities for the provision of working conditions, task accomplishment and the process of organising aircraft maintenance.