The professional study programmes of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica take three years (six semesters) and are harmonized with the Bologna Declaration, and they are performed according to the Law on Scientific Activities and Higher Education. The curricula are harmonized with ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) thus making it possible for the students from other professional or university studies to transfer to the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica and vice versa, in compliance with the Law and the Statute of the University of Applied Sciences.

The curriculum and the structure of the programme of the professional three-year study are designed with the aim of sustainability, competitiveness and further development using the principles of selectivity and substantial share of practical classes. The selectivity of a subject in the first, second and third year of study, which is possible in agreement with the mentor and among subjects from different study programmes, allows orientation of the attendants towards the area which corresponds to the current market needs, i.e. which is of interest for the future employer. Practical classes, which, apart from the laboratories are performed also at organizations that are also potential employers to attendants of certain study programmes, enable adoption of the proper ratio of knowledge and the skills necessary to perform professional work with minimal required additional training at the future workplace.

The teaching contents at all study programmes are distributed so that the students in the first year of study, through lectures and exercises of obligatory and elective subjects acquire the basic knowledge, in the second year in specific professional subjects the students acquire professional knowledge and eventually organizational and managerial knowledge.

Through fundamental courses the attendants acquire knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer basics and other areas necessary to master the technical knowledge.

Specific directing courses form the vocational core of the study providing the attendants with the necessary professional knowledge.

Organizational and managerial subjects enable the attendants to view the business and financial background of the profession. The study programmes organized in this way generate the profile of professionals who are able to respond to the market requirements in the long run.

A part of classes in fundamental courses are held in cooperation with the existing educational institutions from Croatia and the European Union, thus using the current high-quality teaching staff and educational institutions in mutual interest.

All the courses have associated ECTS credits that provide the flexibility of study programmes and student mobility.

Every semester of the undergraduate professional study programme has been credited with 30 ECTS credits, and upon graduation of the selected studies the students acquire a total of 180 ECTS and the professional title of bachelor engineer, i.e. baccalaureus/-a of a certain profession. A semester takes 15 weeks, and the weekly student workload through classes is 25 teaching hours.

After successful completion of the programme of lectures and exercises in the fifth semester the students are sent to traineeship to one of the successful cooperation institutions, companies or organizations to perform their practice. Such approach provides the students with the possibility to show to their employer their quality, and insight into their work. This increases the opportunity for employment to our professionals after graduation.

In order to meet the expectations of the students during their study, the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica has been continuously investing in the quality of the teaching process with the aim of applying advanced technologies in the best possible way. Therefore, feedback is obtained during every semester by monitoring the factors in classes, in order to continuously improve the teaching process.

During the last (sixth) semester the student starts writing the final paper after which they acquire the certificate of the baccalaureus/-a engineer.

After the completed professional study the students have the possibility of continuing their education at the specialist graduate study.

Specialist graduate professional study programme at the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica take one year (two semesters), i.e. two years (four semesters). Like the professional study programme, the specialist studies have been harmonized with the Bologna Declaration, and are performed in compliance with the Law on Scientific Activities and Higher Education and harmonized with the ECTS credit system (European Credit Transfer System).

Upon completion of the specialist graduate professional study programme in the duration of one or two years, higher professional qualification and the professional title of professional specialist engineer of the selected study is acquired, with a total of 240, i.e. 300 ECTS credits which enables continuation of the study in Croatia or abroad, in compliance with the law.