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Lifelong Learning Programme

Lifelong Learning Programme – LLP – consists of four sectoral sub-programmes:

  • Comenius (pre-school and school education)
  • Erasmus (higher education)
  • Leonardo da Vinci (vocational education and training)
  • Grundtvig (adult education)

and two complementary programmes:

  • Transversal programme (collaboration and innovation in the field of lifelong learning within the European Union, foreign language learning, development of innovative information and communication technologies, dissemination and exploitation of programme results)
  • Jean Monnet (supports institutions dealing with European integration)

Lifelong Learning Programme was established by the decision of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe (No. 1720/2006/EC) in 2006, and is a continuation of the previous generation of educational programmes Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci (1985 – 2006).

The objective of the Lifelong Learning Programme is to create an advanced knowledge society, sustainable economic development, more and better jobs and a stronger social cohesion in the European Union. The programme encourages cooperation between educational institutions across Europe, mobility of the participants in the educational process, development of tolerance and multiculturalism, at the same time preparing the participants for successful participation in the European labour market.


Erasmus sub-programme is a programme of academic mobility intended for higher education. Within the frame of the Erasmus sub-programme the students can spend a part of their study on an institution of higher education abroad or doing a traineeship, which significantly contributes to their independence, cultural richness, foreign language skills and the ability to work in multicultural environment.


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