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Why choose VVG?
About VVG - About VVG

The professional undergraduate programme takes 6 semesters – With the coming into force of the new Act on Scientific Research and Higher Education, the duration of the programmes has been changed, i.e. the programmes take (3+2+3) at all higher education institutions in Croatia, thus being harmonized with the European educational system.

The novelties in the study process at VVG refer to acquiring substantial practical experience already during the study. The past experience with the existing educational system showed lack of practical work in the education, i.e. professional practice, and insufficient qualification of personnel for independent work. Considering this fact and comparing the similar universities in Europe, practical work has occupied an important role in the programme and its implementation. Therefore, the concept of VVG studies contains numerous possibilities for practical work, a large number of practical lessons at concrete educational workplaces and an entire semester of professional practice at cooperating institutions and companies of VVG, thus providing complete qualification of students for practical work, and increasing their employment possibilities after having completed the programme.

Providing the possibility of education required by the economy. The study of the market and the education requirements have indicated a lack of certain professional programmes in the educational system of the Republic of Croatia. This market analysis and greater awareness about the need for fast acquiring of knowledge and competences have confirmed the assumption of the need for professional studies in the duration of three years and logical integration of these programmes into the existing educational system of the Republic of Croatia.

Possibility of continuing education for those students who interrupted their study. If you have been disappointed by the study and you have had enough of theoretical knowldege, but do not want to start from scratch again, fill in the Evaluation form and you will get an analysis of your past academic work. Do not start from scratch, but rather continue your education attending a course which offers a future!

Possibility of work-and-study scheme. Part-time study programme allows the students to attend lectures and practical classes which take place on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays, and at the same time continue to do their work. If you work in a field that is related to the topic of your professional study, there is the possibility to acknowledge your work as the obligatory practice. Enter your work experience into the Evaluation Form.

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