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Crisis Management
Specialist study programmes - Crisis Management

Specialist graduate professional programme: Crisis Management


Director of study: Branko Mihaljević, PhD, senior lecturer    mihaljevic


Professional title: Professional Specialist Engineer of Crisis Management

Abbreviation: Prof.Spec.Ing.Cris.Man.

Total ECTS credits: 240 (180+60) ECTS

Type of study: full-time and part-time study programme
Duration of study: one (1) year, i.e. two (2) semesters
Number of available places: 30 full-time and 30 part-time students


The programme is intended primarily for persons whose activities are related to safety and security aspects of crises in the action of legal entities, industry, bodies of local and regional administration units, and the government administration bodies.

Crisis management is very complex and carrying responsibility, encompasses various jobs depending on the activity and scope of actions of certain legal entities, companies or units of local and regional administration as well as the government administration. Therefore, it is very important to establish a security system that prevents the onset of crises, raises the level of resistance to action and raises the level of competence of eliminating the consequences and providing recovery, good knowledge of the processes of possible crises and capability of managing the protection system, which is the basic task of crisis management.

By completing the 'Specialist graduate professional programme Crisis Management' the students acquire specialist knowledge and competences for independent solving of crisis management issues, managing of processes and systems managing safety and security in public and private sector, and especially in the economy at the national and international level, and harmonization of action with the system of managing the functional operation of companies.

Graduated students will be qualified to solve crisis management problems as well as to manage the public and corporate security and humanitarian and security operations in compliance with the valid national, EU and international relevant directives and norms.

By successfully completing the specialist graduate professional programme Crisis Management, the students acquire additional 60 ECTS credits and acquire the diploma of professional specialist engineer of crisis management with a total of 240 ECTS which makes it possible for them to continue the studies in Croatia or abroad, in compliance with the law.


Obligatory courses


I. semester

II. semester

Modern threats and security

Elective course A1

Management of crises and catastrophes in EU

Elective course A2

Corporate risks and security

Elective course B1

Crisis system quality management

Elective course B2

Drills design for crisis situations

Final specialist diploma thesis



Elective courses

Natural environment sustainability

Strategic crisis management

Critical infrastructure management

Medical aspects of crisis management

Humanitarian operations managements

Information technology of crisis management

Crisis management of government organizations

Crisis management of educational institutions

Crisis management of local community

Crisis management of medical institutions

Construction projects management

Media crisis management

Information security system management

Crisis management of tourism-catering






Uvjeti upisa na Specijalistički diplomski stručni studij Krizni menadžment.pdf

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