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Management of Logistic Systems and Processes
Specialist study programmes - Logistics

Specialist graduate professional programme: Management of Logistic Systems and Processes

Director of study: Prof. Dinko Mikulić, D.Sc. mikulic


Shortened title: Logistics


Professional title: Professional Specialist Engineer of Logistics


Abbreviation: Prof. Spec. Ing. Logistics


ECTS credits: 120

Total number of credits: 180+120 = 300 ECTS


Type of study: rfull-time and part-time study programme

Duration of study: two (2) years, i.e. four (4) semesters

Number of available places: 30 full-time and 30 part-time students



The purpose of the programme is the education of personnel who will establish and lead the logistics management. The full title of the programme “Management of Logistic Systems and Processes” indicates the education of persons responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of logistic systems.


The study of logistics is intended for the education of candidates who will have managerial functions and contribute to the business optimization and development at organizations and companies involved in the production, commercial or catering activities to government companies and institutions such as the army, police and other ministries and government administrations..


The programme has been based on the specialist knowledge and competences that guarantee success in providing logistic support to complex systems. Professional military, police and similar circles use the term logistics for monitoring of operations in the country and abroad.


The need for specialist education in the field of logistic management occurs as reaction to the complexity of the logistic system and its necessary processes of optimization. The study of logistics educates the candidates for the application of advanced methods of management and implementation. The study is oriented primarily to several fields of logistic management:

  • purchase and supply system management,
  • traffic and mobility system management,
  • technical means maintenance system management,
  • facilities and infrastructure maintenance system management,
  • material-financial business system management,
  • etc. 


The study of logistics is a unique programme that provides the students with the knowledge required to manage the entire logistics. It is intended to all the interested persons, primarily those who wish to work or are already engaged in logistic activities, and wish to improve in this field (officers and non-commissioned officers of the Croatian Army, employees of the Ministry of the Interior, State Administration for Protection and Rescue, Public and voluntary firebrigades, big public companies and corporations, etc.).


By completing the study programme of logistics the students acquire knowledge and competences for independent management in the field of logistic management.




Obligatory courses

I. semester II. semester
Fundamentals of logistics Research work methodology
Logistic system management Logistic engineering
Business economics Optimization of logistic processesa
Elective course Ai Elective course Ai
Elective course Bi Elective course Bi

III. semester IV. semester
Traffic and transport management Quality assurance in logistics
Purchase and supply system Strategic management in logistics
Human resources management Finances in logistics
Elective course Ai Elective course Ai
Elective course Bi Final specialist diploma thesis

Elective courses

I. semester II. semester
Applied statistics Business English
Information systems in logistics Military logistics
GIS and topography in logistics Warehousing management
Critical infrastructure Deadly devices

III. semester IV. semester
Stock management Medical system management
Psychophysiology of work Logistic system security
Maintenance of technical meansa Waste disposal

International legal foundations in logistics

Elective course: at user's suggestion




Dopusnica_Logistika.pdf, 488kB


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