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A Word from the Students
About VVG - About VVG

When I started looking for a higher education institution to continue my education, I found, among others, the Internet pages of the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica (VVG). After having read the Word of the Dean and the Word of the Students, I realised that this was the only place where I really wanted to study, since the possibilites they offered were different from the others. The engineering approach, a lot of practical work, interesting courses. Today, after I graduated at the professional undergraduate programme, I may openly claim that I did the right choice and that I am proud of the VVG.

In its six years of existence VVG has developed into a higher education institution with currently over a thousand students. The students have the possibility to use some hundred computers, advanced equipment, and two years ago, apart from the existing building which belongs to cultural monuments, a new, modern building was built with a very modern laboratory for the study of eye optics.

 The study of Crisis Management, which I have completed, provides the students with a wide knowledge about the things and phenomena that we encounter daily, and that may at any moment turn into a catastrophe, thus turning the clock irreversibly back for the humanity. Apart from the theoretical knowledge the students also acquire practical training, and we are especially proud of participating in the NATO exercise of protection and rescue of civil population - «IDASSA 2007».

Therefore, I ask myself: "Who wouldn't want to attend lectures like these: Leadership and Commands, Natural Threats, Anthropogenic Threats, Protection of Persons and Assets, Topography and GIS, etc.?" All these courses within this programme are interesting, and the lecturers are top experts in their respective fields, always ready to discuss the issues and give advice even when not lecturing.

I have to mention other programmes as well, since I am convinced that we all share the same opinion. Thus, colleagues from the Computer Systems Maintenance programme point out that the majority of them already found a job, in the profession for which they were educated, and those at the beginning of their education know that they will acquire sufficient knowledge and experiences through practical work that after completing the programme they will be able to find the job they are being qualified for. 

And last but not least, here are the study programmes of Eye Optics, Aircraft Maintenance and Motor Vehicle Maintenance which have significant support from the industry, thus making it easier for the students to find employment after having completed the study.

The thing I find most impressing is the cohesion among all of us, and the feeling that we are all members of the same team that on the one side wants to provide knowledge, and on the other side wants to receive this knowledge and apply it one day at their workplaces.


Melita Mihalić, bacc. ing. admin. chris.,
President of the VVG Student Assembly
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Last Updated on Friday, 07 August 2009 12:02
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