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Tender for Enrollment

in specialist graduate professional programmes in the duration of 1 and 2 years (60/120 ECTS) for the Specialist in the Profession in the academic year 2009/2010

 1.        Vacancies at:  


Spec. Grad. Professional Study





Crisis management (2 semesters - 1 year)





Management of Logistic Systems and Processes (4 semesters - 2 years)




*Full-time students pay for the tuition.

2. Applications for the qualification procedure for the specialist graduate professional programme

Submission of application forms and documents: by 21 October 2009
Publication of results:
23 October 2009
from 26 to 29 October 2009

The right to apply for the qualification procedure belongs to those persons who have completed a professional programme at VVG or an equivalent higher or university education in Croatia or abroad and who have acquired a minimum of 180 ECTS credits.

Apart from the application form for the qualification procedure which can be obtained and filled at the Student Administrative Office, the following documents have to be submitted as well (both the original and one not notarized copy each):

- certificate of nationality,
- birth certificate,
- certificate on the completed professional or university undergraduate study,
- diploma supplement or transcript of the grades of passed exams,
- evidence on having acquired the status of a first or second category athlete.


The qualification procedure includes the evaluation of the average grade of the passed exams at professional or university undergraduate programme or university graduate programme.


3. Enrollment in the Specialist Graduate Professional Programme

The right to enrol in the specialist graduate professional programme is acquired by the persons who:

- have passed the qualification procedure at the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica,
- have achieved the grade 3,00 and a higher average grade of the passed exams at the professional or university undergraduate programme.

The enrollment proceeds according to the rank list of results obtained at the qualification procedure until filling the enrollment quotas for the full-time and part-time specialist graduate professional programme of Crisis Management.

You can find more about the qualification procedure and enrollment conditions for the specialist programme of Crisis management in the attached documents:







Enrollment conditions for the specialist programme: Crisis Management.pdf

Enrollment conditions for the specialist programme: Management of Logistic Systems and Processes (Logistics).pdf
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