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Part-time study
Study process - Part-time study programmes

Part-time study programme at VVG means full schedule, i.e. 30 ECTS per study semester.

The status of part-time students as well as their rights and obligations have been regulated by the VVG Statute, Regulations on the Study Programme and the Study Contract signed between the student and VVG.

The enrolment procedure and obtaining of students’ documents is the same as in the case of full-time students. The duration of semesters, exams, registration into the next semester of study are the same as for the full-time students. However, the part-time students have no students’ rights such as subsidised meals, accommodation at a student hostel, and similar.

The part-time study programme at VVG has been adapted to those employed with maximal flexibility in planning of the lectures, practical work, exam terms and consultations related to their studying at VVG.

The classes for part-time students are organized on workday afternoons after 4 p.m. and over weekends.

The attendance at classes is obligatory. During the semester part-time students may fail to attend 30% of the classes for a specific subject.
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