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Study programme: Optometry
Professional study programmes - Optometry

Director of study:  

Professional title acquired by completing the study programme: baccalaureus/baccalaurea engineer of optometry

Abbreviation: bacc. ing. opt.

Studying method: full-time and part-time study programme

Number of available places: 15 full-time and 30 part-time students

The study of Optometry is intended for students who wish to work in the field of eye optics, in the process of production, maintenance, servicing of optical instruments and aids as well as the activities related to eye optics and refraction.

Optometry encompasses various activities including:

*       eye refraction and definition of required spectacles, contact lenses, and other items for vision improvement as well as directing clients who need medical examination and treatment to ophthalmologists;

*       consultation on proper use of spectacles and contact lenses, proper lighting for work and reading and other visual aids;

*       inserting required lenses into frames and assembling frames or inserting contact lenses in the users’ eyes.


A student who has completed the study programme of Optometry (optometrist) will be an expert who will have the knowledge necessary for the care of vision, primarily from the aspect of an expert for refraction determination of all the proper correction aids for vision improvement.

Also, the graduate student will be qualified for independent management of optometry and optician’s shop operations. The student will know how to organize business management, marketing, finances and economics, legal regulations, and how to organize and perform safety at work measurements and environmental protection related to the activities in compliance with the valid EU and Croatian standards and laws.



Obligatory subjects:

I semester

II semester

Mathematics (2+2)
Physics (2+1)
Fundamentals of anatomy and physiology (3+1)
Physical optics (2+1)
Computer science I (2+2)
English I (1+1)
Elective subject (2+1)

Geometry optics (2+2)
Eye anatomy and physiology (2+1)
Optical and optometric instruments (2+2)
Eye optics (2+4)
Fundamentals of pharmacology (2+0)
English II (2+1)
Elective subject (2+1))

III semester

IV semester

Management and entrepreneurship (2+1)
Fundamentals of chemistry and chemistry of contact lenses(2+1)
Refraction and binocular vision I (2+5)
Fundamentals of general pathology and eye diseases (3+1)
Ergonomics of vision (2+1)
English III (1+1)
Elective subject (2+1)

Contact lenses I (2+3)
Technology of optical materials and frames I (2+2)
Refraction and binocular vision II (2+3)
Paediatric refraction and amblyopia (1+1)
Optometric practice I (0+4)
English IV (1+1)
Elective subject (2+1)

V semester

VI semester

Refraction and binocular vision III (2+3)
Ageing and eye refraction (1+1)
Contact lenses II (2+2)
Production engineering (2+2)
Optometric practice II (0+6)
Elective subject (2+1)

Contact lenses III (2+2)
Refraction and binocular vision IV (2+3)
Elective subject (2+1)
Optometric practice III (0+6)
Diploma thesis (0+6)

Elective subjects:

Stress psychology (2+1)
Communication skills (2+1)
Pedagogy of work (2+1)
Entrepreneurial design (2+1)
Fundamentals of law and legal regulations (2+1)
Safety at work (2+1)
Quality assurance and control (2+1)
Advanced optical products (2+1)
Ethics in optics (2+0)
Communicology (2+1)
Psycho-physiology of work (2+1)
Computer science II (2+1)
Optical instruments and target devices (2+1)
Production engineering (2+1)

Zdravstveno veleučilište u Zagrebu (University of Applied Health Studies in Zagreb):

Fundamentals of research and statistics (2+2)
Biochemistry (2+2)
Medical psychology (1+1)
Health care (3+0)
Human psychic  development (2+1)
Neurology (2+0)


Visoka škola za sigurnost s pravom javnosti u Zagrebu: (The School of Professional Higher Education for Work Safety in Zagreb)

Psychology of work (2+2)
Physical harm (3+3)
Occupational medicine (3+2)



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