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Study programme: Aircraft Maintenance
Professional study programmes - Aircraft Maintenance

Director of study: Prof. Ernest Bazijanac, D.Sc.
Professional title after having completed the study programme: professional baccalaureus / baccalaurea engineer of aircraft engineering
Abbreviation: bacc. ing. aeronaut.
Studying method: full-time and part-time study programme
Number of available places: 35 full-time and 35 part-time students

Aircraft maintenance is a study programme that encompasses education in the field of organization of maintenance and implementation of maintenance technology of aircraft and aircraft systems and equipment for civil and military aviation. The students acquire knowledge in design and characteristics of aircraft, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering systems and aircraft equipment, organization and technology of aircraft maintenance, aircraft systems and equipment, implementation of safety measures at work and aircraft maintenance quality system assurance and control in compliance with the standards.
By completing the study programme of Aircraft Maintenance the students acquire knowledge and competences necessary to work in the field of aircraft maintenance.

The baccalaureus / baccalaurea of Aircraft maintenance study programme acquire the knowledge and competences required in the field of aircraft maintenance. They can independently solve professional issues regarding planning, organization, technical protection and control of technological processes in all phases of the maintenance system of aircraft and aircraft equipment in compliance with the standards of aircraft airworthiness control.

The students who complete the study programme of Aircraft Maintenance are qualified to perform civil jobs, jobs in the army and police in the field of aircraft maintenance.:

*       planning of aircraft and aircraft equipment maintenance;

*       organization of aircraft and aircraft equipment maintenance processes;

*       implementation of aircraft and aircraft equipment maintenance technology;

*       quality management in the system of aircraft and aircraft equipment maintenance;

*       defining and implementation of the measures of technical protection at work in the process of aircraft and aircraft equipment maintenance;

*       solving of other issues regarding aircraft airworthiness maintenance.


Syllabus of the study programme: Aircraft Maintenance

Obligatory subjects:

I semester

II semester

Mathematics I
Electrical engineering
Computer science I
Technical drawing and documentation
English I
Elective subject A1*

Mathematics II
Thermal dynamics
Structural elements
Materials and thermal processing
Structural strength
Engineering measurements
English II

III semester

IV semester

Fundamentals of aerodynamics and flight mechanics
Aircraft systems and equipment I
Aviation technologies
Quality assurance and control
Psychophysiology of work
Air navigation regulations
English III
Elective subject A2*

Aircraft design
Aircraft systems and equipment II
Aircraft propulsion I
Fundamentals of automatic control
Elective subject A3*
Elective subject A4*

V semester

VI semester

Aircraft propulsion II
Aircraft maintenance I
Professional practice - Project task

Aircraft maintenance II
Elective subject A5*
Diploma thesis

Elective subjects:

Fundamentals of ecology
Non-destructive testing in aviation
Hydraulics and pneumatics
Management and entrepreneurship
Standardization and metrology
Elective subject (acc. to customer’s requirement)

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