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Study programme: Crisis Management
Professional study programmes - Management in Crisis Situations



Director of study:  Branko Mihaljević, PhD, senior lecturer

Professional title acquired after completing the study programme: professional baccalaureus/baccalaurea engineer of crisis management

Abbreviation: bacc. ing. admin. chris.

Method of study:  full-time and part-time study

Number of available places:  45 full-time and 60 part-time students

Crisis Management is a study programme intended for persons who make decisions and/or provide professional support to decision-makers in legal entities and units of local and regional authorities, units of government authorities, and especially in the protection and rescue systems in the police and the army. Catastrophes, as specific crisis conditions occur when accidents or crises caused by natural elements (floods, fires, earthquakes) or by human activities (impact on the environment, terrorism, etc.) act on people in such a way that the endangered population cannot control the flow of events nor cope successfully with the inflicted impacts, losses and damages. The frequency and severity of catastrophes can be significantly reduced or its consequences alleviated by paying more attention to forecasts, observations, planning of help and general readiness for adequate response to crisis, i.e. catastrophe, should it happen.

The competences of the completed experts of this study programme include planning and implementation of preventive measures for prevention and alleviation of the consequences of crises or catastrophes in companies or human environment in general, and providing professional assistance and coordination of expert teams and equipment after crisis or catastrophe.

The following scheme shows some of the basic tasks and activities included in the crisis management process:


Practical part of the classes at this study programme is performed in cooperation with the respective government authority institutions (e.g. National Protection and Rescue Directorate, Ministry, County, Cities and Districts), at legal entities of special interest and significance for the protection and rescue (Public Firebrigades, 112 Centres, Emergency Medical service, Croatian Red Cross, Search service, Search and rescue service at sea, Croatian rescue mountain service, etc.) and other big companies and institutions cooperating with VVG.


Syllabus of the study programme: Crisis Management

Obligatory subjects:

I semester

II semester

Chemistry of pollutants
Computer science I
Civil defence
Fundamentals of theory of systems and security
Elective subject A1*
English I

Civil engineering
Fundamentals of safety of technological systems
Psychology of crises
Natural threats
English II
Elective subject A2*

III semester

IV semester

Anthropogenic threats
Operative centres and communication system
Standardization of protection and rescue
Topography and GIS
Data security
English III
Elective subject B1*

Logistics and safety
Leadership and commands
Risk assessment
Crisis planning
Security of persons and assets
Elective subject B2*
Elective subject B3*

V semester

VI semester

Crisis management
Critical infrastructure
Medical care in crisis situations
Project task
Elective subject B4*

Elective subject B5*
Information and public relations
Professional practice
Diploma thesis

Elective subjects:

Geo-chemistry of environment
Methods of environmental impact assessment
Computer Science II
Waste management
Weapons of mass destruction
Management and entrepreneurship
Sea protection
Air protection
Water management
Radiation security
Meteorology and the environment
Elective subject (acc. to customer’s requirement)


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