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Study programme: Computer Systems Maintenance
Professional study programmes - Computer System Maintenance

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Director of study: Vladimir Lebinac, M.Sc., Senior lecturer
Professional title acquired by completing the study programme: professional baccalaureus/baccalaurea engineer of information technology
Abbreviation: bacc. ing. techn. inf.
Studying method: full-time and part-time study programme
Number of available places: 60 full-time and 60 part-time students

The professional study programme of computer system maintenance is intended for students who want to acquire knowledge and competences necessary to use and maintain computer systems with the application in different fields, from business automation to built-in computers for control of various industrial and energy processes.
The study programme qualifies the students to perform activities in supporting computer introduction into various segments of business processes and computer system maintenance activities, such as: selection and configuration of computer and software support according to the business process requirements, support in the development of software support, database management, configuration and maintenance of computer networks, configuration and maintenance of operational systems, control of computer systems and data security (protection against unauthorized access, planning of data back-up copies), and configuration and maintenance of computers for control and management in industrial, energy and other processes.

Computer system maintenance is a study programme that provides professional orientation with substantial practical work incorporated in the syllabus. Since there is an especially marked shortage of experts in computer system maintenance who would be the connection between the information system designers, specialists for certain hardware or software technologies and the users of information systems themselves, a programme has been created for the education of experts in information technologies whose competences meet the requirements of today’s market.
The study syllabus has been designed so that it represents in equal shares the subjects in the field of design of information systems, software and hardware technologies, which is especially significant for the future computer systems maintenance engineers, who are today among the most required profiles of computer science orientation on the market in Croatia and worldwide.
After having completed the professional study programme of Computer Systems Maintenance, the students acquire knowledge and competences required for work in the field of computer system maintenance and computer users support.

The baccalaureus / baccalaurea of this study programme is qualified for independent solving of professional problems regarding planning, development, implementation of computer systems and their safety and security.
Professions in which the computer system maintenance engineers may get employment
The employment requirements of computer maintenance engineers exist in different fields of work, in the following activities or professions:

Computer system maintenance activities:

  • optimal configuration of personal computers for various jobs;
  • selection and configuration of program support according to business process requirements;
  • design support and development of software support;
  • database maintenance;
  • configuration and maintenance of computer networks;
  • configuration and maintenance of operational systems;
  • control of computer system and data security (protection against unauthorized access, planning of backup copies of data);
  • configuration and maintenance of computers for control and management of industrial, energy and other processes.
User support activities:
  • education of users to work on computers and use various applications;
  • installation and configuration of operational systems and applications on users’ computers.

Syllabus of the study programme: Computer Systems Maintenance

Obligatory subjects:

I semester

II semester

Mathematics I.
Electrical engineering I.
Structure and use of computers
English I.
Elective subject A1*

Mathematics II.
Symbolic logistics
Algorithms and data structures
Operating systems I.
Electrical engineering II.
English II.
Elective subject A2*

III semester

IV semester

Mathematics III.
Operating systems II.
Computers and processes
Quality assurance and control
English III
Elective subject B1*

Office applications
Computer networks
Computer control of processes
Management and entrepreneurship
Computer systems and network maintenance
Elective subject B2*

V semester

VI semester

Elective subject B3*
Computer maintenance
Professional practice - Project task

Information systems design
Information systems security
Diploma thesis

Elective subjects:

Fundamentals of ecology
Stress psychology
Formal languages and compilers
Discrete mathematics
Computer systems devices
Internet infrastructure
Data modelling
Web applications
Programming databases
Data security
Information systems documentation
Programming language C
System programming for Linux
Logistic engineering
Elective subject (acc. to customer’s requirement)

accreditation for CSM (PDF, 265 kb)

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