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At the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica the method of performing the qualification procedure has been defined by the Decision on the Qualification Procedure for the Enrollment of Students in the first semester of the Academic year 2009/10. 


For the candidates who did not sit for the state secondary school-leaving exam, the qualification procedure evaluates the general result per years in the secondary education, grade at the secondary school-leaving exam and the grades in the subjects: Mathematics, Croatian and Foreign language.


For the candidates who sat for the state secondary school-leaving exam, the qualification procedure evaluates the general result per years in the secondary education and the grade at the state secondary school-leaving exam in the subjects: Mathematics, Croatian and Foreign language.


For foreign citizens the grade acquired for the candidate’s mother tongue is taken instead of the Croatian language.


Additional credits:


- 15 credits – candidates with working experience enrolling in part-time study if they provide the employer’s certificate that they have been working in jobs related to the respective programme in the duration of a minimum of 12 months;


- 15 credits – for the professional programme Eye Optics – acquired by the candidates who have completed the secondary education for the profession of eye optics technician;


- 15 credits – candidates who were first, second or third at a contest at the state or international level in the field of the programme they are applying for;


- 15 credits – the candidates who realized a status of categorized athlete.


A candidate can acquire a maximum of 15 additional credits.


After adding the additional credits, the total number of credits cannot exceed the value of 100.


Candidate’s general data, grades and additional credits, after the application, are entered into a base after which the rank-lists are published. The rank-lists are published on the bulletin board and on the VVG Internet page one day following each of the qualification terms.


The candidates who realize the minimum number of credits meet the enrollment requirements.



min credits

max credits

Computer Systems Maintenance



Crisis Management



Aircraft Maintenance



Motor Vehicle Maintenance



Eye Optics



The enrollment proceeds according to the rank-list for the respective programme until the quota has been filled. The candidates with a greater number of credits have the priority at enrollment. Should the number of candidates who have realized the minimal number of credits exceed the number of vacancies at a certain programme, a waiting list is formed. In every subsequent qualification term after the first one, new candidates enter the competition for the remaining vacancies at a certain programme.


The candidates who enrol during one of the enrollment terms, keep their status regardless of the results of the qualification procedure of candidates at subsequent qualification terms.

The candidates who realize less than minimally required credits are entered in a waiting list until locking in the regular qualification term in September and can then enrol in the programme at which there are vacancies after the regular enrollment term has been locked in, up to the planned quota for the respective programme.

Qualification procedure_2009.pdf

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