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Full-time study
Study process - Full-time study programmes

Full-time study programme at the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica  (VVG) covers a full schedule, i.e. 30 ECTS credits per study semester.

Full-time students at VVG have all the rights of full-time students defined by the Regulations on Study Programmes, Regulations on Full-time Students’ Rights, Students’ Workload and Registration into the Next Year of Study brought by the University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica, Recommendation defining the Rights of Full-time Students brought by the National Council for Higher Education and the Study Contract signed between the student and the VVG.

Full-time students have certain rights and benefits such as e.g. subsidised meals, accommodation at a student hostel, health insurance, exemption from participation according to conditions regulated by HZZO (Croatian Institute for Health Insurance), possibility of getting work through the Student-service organization, right to receive children’s allowance, etc.

The conditions under which a student may lose the rights of being a full-time student are defined by the abovementioned regulations and the study contract.

The classes for full-time students are organized, as a rule, during workdays. Classes can also be organized over weekends in case this is necessary if the teacher working as an exterior associate has no possibility of other arrangements.

The attendance at classes is obligatory. During the semester full-time students may fail to attend up to 20% of classes for the respective subject.



Full-time students of VVG have the right for health coverage and therefore they have to undergo an obligatory systematic medical examination during the first semester. This examination is obligatory as a precondition for registration into the second semester.

The medical examination is free, and it is performed at Dom zdravlja Velika Gorica, Matice hrvatske bb, at the Služba za školsku i sveučilišnu medicinu (Service for School and University Medicine). The examination is performed by doctor Andrea Lulić, dr. med., specialist for school and university medicine.

The students will be informed about the schedule of the systematic medical examination and the documents that they have to bring with them, via VVG Internet pages, the Intranet (Pretinac) and the bulletin board.
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